Far East Holding Group: Injecting "Green" Kinetic Energy Into Production With Innovation

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Innovation is the soul of enterprise development and the key to an enterprise's invincibility in the torrent of market competition. Far East focuses on all-around innovation in management, production and technology, taking innovation as one of the corporate cultural values, and fully implements it in practice.

Lean production, Effective Allocation of Resources

Today, the manufacturing industry is facing multiple challenges such as long-term increase in labor costs, increasingly fierce price wars, and changing market demands. To cope with these challenges, lean production methods have become a strategic weapon for manufacturers. Lean methods are introduced from the production process, inventory management, and production planning to give full play to people's initiative, effectively allocate and rationally use corporate resources, reduce waste, cut costs, and maximize Seek economic benefits for the enterprise to the limit.

To achieve lean production, refined production management is the key. Liu Youfang, the reporter of the "Measures to Reduce Cost and Consumption" case, is a technical consultant of the Production Service Department. Based on 27 years of experience in front-line production, she has a keen sense of finding problems in the process. In this case, Liu Youfang introduced that based on observation and analysis and customer feedback. The problem of excessively large insulation outer diameter and uneven insulation thickness will lead to unnecessary material waste.

Strictly Control Details to Achieve Profit Growth

"Management improvement, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement" is the eternal theme of enterprise development, and it is also an urgent need to respond to market changes. Far East adheres to the corporate vision of "building and sharing a safe, green, and better life", starting from details, constantly exploring measures to reduce costs and consumption, and promoting its sustainable development.

In the innovative case of "Measures to Reduce Cost and Consumption", Liu Youfang introduced: "We must start from the source for saving materials. Insulation is the first process. The insulated core's outer diameter is increased, and the materials for the cabling, braiding, and sheathing processes are increased. Consumption will continue to increase, so it is necessary to work hard in the insulation process." The team members started tracking from 18 production lines in high-end equipment factories. Through daily sampling, testing, and data analysis, they comply with national standards, company requirements and guarantees. The minimum fixed value of the outer insulation diameter is proposed on the premise of product quality.

The high-end equipment cable factory adopted this suggestion to optimize the production process. In May 2020, 18 production lines reached the lean production standard, saving 23.6 tons of insulating materials compared with March of the same year. The reduction of insulation thickness also promotes the saving of materials in subsequent multi-processes. The team's method has also been borrowed and applied by other production processes, which is of great significance to its overall in-depth promotion of cost reduction and consumption reduction measures.

Take Multiple Measures to Build a Green Factory

The green factory is the main body of green manufacturing, and it is the core support unit of the green manufacturing system. Building a green factory is an essential means for companies to implement green development and achieve sustainable development, transformation and upgrading. Reducing waste and realizing green growth is the starting point for "Measures to Reduce Cost and Consumption". It is also the guiding direction for Far East to promote the construction of green factories vigorously.

To build a green factory, Far East starts from the top-level design and integrates the concepts of lean production, cost reduction and energy saving into its system and practice. By developing a scientific and sound management mechanism and effective methods such as full-cycle management and performance appraisal in the implementation process, we will promote green manufacturing initiatives.

In specific production and manufacturing, Far East gives priority to the selection of green raw materials, processes, technologies and equipment, strengthens process improvement, increases resource recovery and utilization, and launches green products with safer, more environmentally friendly materials and better performance for the market to improve production efficiency and resource utilization rate to achieve green and sustainable development.

It is a long way to reduce costs, reduce consumption and increase benefits, and it requires the constant efforts of all employees, including grassroots and management. Far East has successively built two green factories, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. and New Far East Cable Co., Ltd. This is a testament to countless Far East people adhering to the heart of craftsmanship and achieving the ultimate in every process.

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